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October Newsletter 2015



Contracts Received in September
During the past month the Estimating Department have secured the following contracts.
Willmott Dixon – Bracelet Close, Corringham
Hollybrook Homes – Peckham Road, Camberwell
Bellway Essex – Dunton Fields, Laindon, Essex
Robert E Lee – Colchester Garrisons
Robert E Lee – St Johns Wood Street, Chelmsford – Phase 3
Weston Homes – Essex House, Southend on Sea

Smoking within company vehicles
We would like to issue a strong reminder to ALL drivers of company vehicles that smoking inside company property is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.
Any person caught smoking within a company vehicle will be disciplined accordingly as a matter of gross misconduct which could mean an instant dismissal.
Please ensure that all persons, including passengers are aware of this as checks will be made to ensure compliance.
You have been warned!

Extendable Transoms
Extendable transoms are being used more and more on site as a simple means of adapting scaffold for brickwork, without the need for physically pulling a transom back away from the building face.
When installing extendable transoms or following an adaption it is imperative that the extending sections to the transoms at EACH END of a scaffold board are pulled back tight to the board and locked off to prevent the situation as shown below.
Extendable transoms are not designed to ‘butt’ the building face, and if left to do so allow boards to travel inwards towards the building and leave a gap, generally within the vicinity of the inside standard where a 2” gap naturally occurs due to the tube diameter.
As a scaffolding contractor we have an obligation to provide a safe and sufficient working platform for the use of all other trades on site.
Any gap in which a footfall could occur is a potential accident waiting to happen and should be avoided at all cost.
Also please remember to install board retaining clips designed for the use on an extendable transom.

Employee of the Month
The employee of the month awards for September as awarded during our last monthly management meeting.
John Coyte – Danny Smiths Region
Dan Allen – Robin Dukelows Region
Sam Baldrey – Kevin Browns Region

Training – September 2015
In September 2015, SeaBro Ltd continued its commitment to introducing new apprentices into the scaffolding industry with a further 6No college starts. Stuart Mansell, Jordan Hart and Charles Moret all attended the apprenticeship induction at Leytonstone with Mike Barber Louis Jarvis and Oliver Sargent attending Erith.
Congratulations to Danny Morrow who has completed his final assessment and completed his NVQ to become a fully qualified scaffolder.
Jason Christy and Daniel Gregson completed their Part 2b in September awaiting their 1 week assessment within the next 3 months.
Our commitment to upskilling continued in September with both Costel Iacoban and Jonathon Stevens both being trained to Advanced Level. Terry Pugh will be the next to attend on the 19th October 2015.
In early November we will be looking to train a further 20No employees to the CPCS standard for Slinger / Signaller. Starting with Mohan Beechey / Sean Beechey / Adam Gormer Smith and Richard Davis these courses will be held in East London on a Saturday.
We have also secured a date of the 5th December for a 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course for 12No delegates. Names for the course will be formulated initially from this years appraisals, details to follow.

Health and Safety Inspections – September 2015
Following the recent tour of sites for Health and Safety Inspections in September 2015 the following re-occurring issues have been highlighted on a number of sites:

  • Lead scaffolders are failing to sign off the previously issued Health and Safety report issued by the H&S Department. Be aware that although on a majority of occasions the defects noted are being rectified, but the signature on the report closing it out is a means of proving that this has been achieved.
  • Scaffolding operations should be made clear to other construction workers by means of a Danger Incomplete sign as a minimum. This applies to ALL scaffolding operations however small. Ensure that sufficient amounts of signage are available for each separate area of work.
  • There are still a number of occasions where a yellow ended board can be found in a working lift. Only a red ended board should be used as scaffold decking, yellows are delivered to site for use as toe-boards or sole-boards.


Drilling into Concrete – Silica Dust
Health and Safety Legislation is in place for the protection of any operative who comes into contact with the dust produced whilst drilling into materials containing silica such as concrete/brickwork.
Any person engaging in drilling works requires to be trained in the use of, and wear FFP3 respiratory protection at all times, which requires to be ‘face fitted’ to the individual user.
Failure to comply with the requirement in the long term could lead to a condition known as silicosis, which is a form of lung disease which affects the respiratory system and is irreversible.
We will be carrying out a training program over the next few months to ensure that all staff engaging in this type of work are fully trained and competent in the use of the correct equipment.

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