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December Newsletter 2015


A Note from the Directors
Nick and Wayne would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work and commitment throughout 2015, which has proven to be another extremely busy year.
The order book for early 2016 remains healthy and we expect next year to be just as busy.
We have continued with our commitment to personal development this year and following excellent feedback during this run of appraisals we have a good list of training requests and requirements of which we will attempt to fulfil over the coming 12 months.
Again, thank you to everyone involved in SeaBro Ltd and we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, weather permitting we will see you all on the 4th of January 2016 raring to go.

Contracts secured by our Estimating Department during November
The following contracts have been secured by the Estimating Department in the last month:
Weston Homes – Sutton Road, Southend-On-Sea, Essex
Weston Homes- Tara House, Dunmow Road, Felstead – (Temporary Roof)
Robert E Lee – St John’s Wood Street, Chelmsford (Phase 4)
McCarthy & Stone – 20-22 Station Road, Letchworth, Hertfordshire

Employee of the Month
The employee of the month awards for September as awarded during our last monthly management meeting.
Will Hardy – Danny Smiths Region
Nathan Hallam – Robin Dukelows Region
Ben Barnes – Kevin Browns Region
Congratulations to everyone who won the award during 2015.
We have listened to the comments made by employees during appraisals in 2015, and have decided that from January 2016 the award for Employee of the Month will revert back to a monetary award of £100 per winner.

NASC New Apprentice Challenge
In November 2013 the NASC issued a challenge to its members to attempt to introduce a total of 400 new apprentices into the industry.
The challenge concluded at the end of November with a total of 553 apprentices registered throughout the country.
SeaBro Ltd are proud to announce that of the 553 we introduced a total of 32 putting us joint top of the final league table alongside a nationwide scaffolding contractor
Although the challenge has now concluded, we at SeaBro will continue to introduce apprentices into the industry with 6No spaces already allocated for early 2016.

As mentioned last month the 5 year review of the SG4 series for Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations has been carried out by NASC.
The main body of SG4 remains the same at a site level there are minimal changes to the current practices we have been working to since the launch of SG4:10.
Early in 2016 we expect to be in possession of the SG4:YOU pocket book which will be distributed to all staff along with a comprehensive toolbox talk on the subject.
For the first time ever the NASC have allowed the SG4 full document to be downloaded free of charge at

Plant/ PAT Testing
We would like to remind all that ALL plant is to be returned to your supervisor before the end of year for stocktake, PAT testing and security purposes.
Please ensure that all ties are drilled before the last site visit by your supervisor to enable scaffolding to be sufficiently tied and left safe over the Christmas period.

Advanced Scaffolder Training 2016
At our last Monthly Management meeting we discussed the commitment of training and have formulated a list of potential candidates for Advanced Scaffolder Training in 2016.
In general we send 1No operative per month to the CITB in Erith. The following have been nominated by your respective supervisors.
Nominees are: Arran Reynolds, Peter Brown, Joe Chignell, Scott Whitehead, Luan Hysa, Andy Orton, Shane Smith, Mark Thurston, Mohan Beechey, Matthew Scamp, Jason Bolton, Cristian Ianichi & Alex Middlecott.
More details to follow, and if anyone else feels that they should be considered for Advanced training, they should contact their supervisor.

During November we have been busy on the training front with a number of employees partaking in various training courses.
David Bull has completed our 2015 Advanced Training program with a total of 10No Part 2 scaffolders now being at Advanced level this year.
Our commitment to providing First Aid cover on site is now underway with 9No operatives now being trained to Emergency First Aider. The next 1 day First Aid course is scheduled for a day TBA in February with 12No spaces available.
Regarding Apprenticeships Steven Andrews, Jamie Baldwin, Stuart Wardell & Mindavgas Survilla have all completed their Final Assessments for Scaffolding NVQ2 Apprenticeships, and are now fully trained scaffolders.
Nikki Beale and Paul Chambers are now trained to Part 2b awaiting Final Assessment, Dan Reval, Will Hardy, George Hardy are currently taking their Part 1a.
Coming up in January Paul Jones, Jordan Kennedy, Taylor Redpath, Louis Jarvis, Mike Barber, Stuart Mansell, Oliver Sargent, Shane Moore, Charles Moret & Jordan Hart all undertaking the next stage of their apprenticeships, all due for completion in 2016.
Supervisors have nominated their next operatives for SSSTS training which will be booked this year for January. The chosen ones are Alex Asari, Shane Smith and Jason Bolton.

Damage to Company Vehicles
This item seems to be brought up continually but still remains an issue throughout the company and with the largest amount of vehicles ever on our fleet needs addressing once and for all.
Any person responsible for a company vehicle which is damaged has a responsibility to inform the office regardless of severity for it to be repaired. Anyone failing to do so WILL be charged for the damage upon return of the vehicle.


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